OEF subspace definition --- Introduction ---

This module actually contains 21 exercises on the definition of subspaces of vector spaces. You are given a vector space and a subset defined in various ways; up to you to determine whether the subset is a subspace.

See also the collections of exercises on vector spaces in general or definition of vector spaces.

Continuous functions


Increasing functions


Crossed Matrices

Matrices and determinant

Matrices and elements

Multiplied matrices


Matrices and rank

Matrices with power

Periodic functions

Polynomials and coefficients

Polynomials and degrees

Polynomials and integral

Polynomials and integral II

Polynomials and roots

Polynomials and roots II

Polynomials and values

Polynomials and values II


Polynomials and values III


Real functions

Square matrices


Vectors of R^3

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